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Letters and thoughts from a Pastor to the church family he loves.

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Life, Art, and Chatbots

Does art imitate life or does life imitate art? Do we watch ten installments of the Fast and Furious franchise because it’s what we want, or do we keep showing up because that’s what “they” are feeding us? I’m not sure humanity will ever come to any real consensus on the conundrum–maybe that’s not the…

Motivating Motivational Speakers

The guy sitting at the table next to me was one of those people who just seem to fill the room–booming voice, dynamic personality and winsome charm. He had on a dark gray suit, complete with vest and bright purple tie–a fitting wardrobe manifestation of the raw charisma bursting from his chest. Everything about the…

Intercession Pt. 6

My favorite TV show growing–CHiP’s–followed the crime foiling adventures of two California Highway Patrol motorcycle cops. The show was famous for the thrilling car chase scenes and massive multi-car pile ups in every episode. My first grade buddy, Phil, and I religiously reenacted every episode. We may have been riding rusty Schwinns, but to us,…

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