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Letters and thoughts from a Pastor to the church family he loves.

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A Pair of Prayers

Here’s a second poem since I have two dogs and everything has to be fair! A Pair of Prayers In the predawn stillness    we are breathing in tandem; Concurrently drawing unhurried,    elongated breaths. The gradual expansion of our ballooning    bellies is the only evidence We are alive at all. A fraction of a moment,    frozen…

Morning Prayer

Over the last several weeks I’ve been cranking out some rather “full-bodied” emails, so I thought  today I would make an attempt to say more with fewer words. Here’s a quick glimpse into my morning routine and rituals. Morning Prayers. Burley and woolen; his dreams   accentuated with spastic flinching   and contented sighs, He is free…

What the hell…? Pt. 3

This is Part 3 of a conversation we started a couple weeks ago on the story of The Rich Man and Lazarus in Luke 16. If you missed our previous emails, you can find them on our blog at https://togetherasoneforeveryone.wordpress.com  So far, we’ve looked at the importance of biblical context in understanding the message of…

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