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Letters and thoughts from a Pastor to the church family he loves.

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God Willing

Have you ever looked at a word you just wrote down and it suddenly looks weird? Not a spelling-bee word, something simple like, “because” or “weather”. Have you ever said, “You too!” to a TSA agent at the airport when they tell you to have a good flight? Maybe you’ve found yourself halfway through aContinue reading “God Willing”

Bearing Fruit

I grew up thinking I was supposed to prove to the non-Christian people around me that I was overflowing with the “fruit of the Spirit”. The idea was they would become intrigued and curious about Jesus if they saw how upbeat and positive and “blessed” I was. The problem is I was faking it mostContinue reading “Bearing Fruit”

Man On The Street

I was nineteen years old when Jenn and I got engaged. She had just graduated from college and was about to start teaching. I wanted to be a youth pastor but couldn’t afford Christian schools so I was pretty much surfing a lot and taking random classes at a local community college. Our rationale wasContinue reading “Man On The Street”

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