Are you in?

Special agent Burt Macklin looked around the room. Each member of his team had fought valiantly alongside him on this hellish mission. Even so, what he was about to ask of this team–no, this family–was almost more than he could bear. “Asking you to help me take down Evil Inc. is more than I’ve ever asked of you. I won’t hold it against you if you walk out that door, but now’s the time to make a decision–are you in?” One by one, every single one of his faithful friends nodded their acceptance of the dangerous task at hand. “So it begins”, thought Macklin. “We ride!”

So maybe I should stick to preaching instead of action movie writing. Still, I can’t help thinking of all my favorite films that build up to this kind of crossroad moment where, up to now, the team has been fighting for a cause and must choose for themselves if they will lay it all down one last time–against the odds. I believe this is such a time in the life of our church.

While I wouldn’t necessarily put an ultimatum–”in or out”–on church, now is the time to decide if you are going to double down on doing life in church community or let it fade away along with the painful, frustrating memories of the past 15 months. Now is the time to decide if Christ the King is the church you want to be a part of. 

God does not orchestrate pandemics to teach us lessons. He does, however, promise to squeeze good out of tragedy and deepen our relationships with Him and each other through challenging seasons. In this season we are, indeed, faced with a challenge. God is leading our church into deeper spiritual intimacy. 

Over the last couple years, CTK has built a solid foundation for a spiritual and redemptive community that will drive more and more into intimate relationships with God and each other. We will be learning to truly walk together through joy, lament, faith, and doubt. This kind of church community will require new levels of commitment and authenticity. It will be more and more difficult to simply “attend church”. 

This new challenge is your Burt Macklin moment. Is this the church you want to be part of? Are you interested in building the kind of friendships where you are safe and encouraged to be your flawed self? Are you willing to enter into the inevitable messiness in order to experience true purpose and healing? There is nothing wrong with choosing a different kind of church community. I just want to be upfront in letting you know what you’re signing up for in the future of CTK.

I can assure you it will be a beautiful, life-giving, faith-building, Jesus-centered, grace-full mess of a journey–and it will be worth every minute. 

Are you in?

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