Morning Prayer

Over the last several weeks I’ve been cranking out some rather “full-bodied” emails, so I thought  today I would make an attempt to say more with fewer words. Here’s a quick glimpse into my morning routine and rituals.

Morning Prayers.

Burley and woolen; his dreams

  accentuated with spastic flinching

  and contented sighs,

He is free from angst–

  impervious to snow, 

  indifferent to the wind.

As holy lament gives way

  to the tyranny of the trivial,

I feel his soft breath on my face;

  nose to nose,

Steadfast, chestnut eyes 

  search mine. Presence.

Am I exposed or revealed?

It makes no difference, I suppose; 

  the wind and waves acquiesce 

  to his gaze;

Tumult to serenity and nary a spoken word.



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