Letters to the church I love…


When my friend Noah Blue Elk Hotchkiss stretches his arms out the span is as wide as some professional basketball players. I’m not sure on the exact measurement, but imagine the “it was thiiiiiiiiiis big” size of the last fish you caught. This is especially extraordinary since he measures about 4 feet tall–sitting in hisContinue reading “Restoration”

Easter Blessing

I lived in Northwestern Argentina when I was a kid. One of my favorite places to visit was a town called Humahuaca. There was a mechanical priest in the plaza that would come out of the cathedral wall and give a blessing to the crowd throughout the day. A set of steel clamshell doors wouldContinue reading “Easter Blessing”

Just let go…

I was about ten years old when I first heard the story of the monkey trap. The general idea is a hunter makes a hole in a coconut just big enough for a monkey’s hand to fit and ties it to a tree. He then puts some food or a shiny object inside. The monkeyContinue reading “Just let go…”

Inspired Revelation

Last night, in our book study on “How (Not) to Read The Bible”, Dan Kimball (the author) joined our video meeting. Besides the coolness of being able to ask questions of the guy who wrote the book, it was a special moment for me because I worked for Dan over 25 years ago when heContinue reading “Inspired Revelation”

“Fear Not!”

The general consensus is that the phrase, “Fear not” shows up in the Bible about 365 times. In fact, it is the most repeated command in the scriptures. Whether it’s Mary, Joseph or Joshua, we are all familiar with stories of an angel or God himself telling people not to be afraid.  This phrase canContinue reading ““Fear Not!””

I pray for you…

I am not a natural pray-er. Don’t get me wrong, I am dedicated to my relationship with God–we talk all the time. I also believe wholeheartedly in the importance of prayer. On the other hand, when I sit down to pray, I often am not sure exactly what to pray. Add to that my shortContinue reading “I pray for you…”


My son, Oscar and I watch a show called “Roadkill”. It might be my favorite TV show of all time. The premise is two guys who travel around buying abandoned beater cars, fix them up enough to drive (in whatever driveway or barn they find it in) and road trip home. They are constantly breakingContinue reading “Roadkill”

Great Apes

I read a story about a guy who applied for a job at the zoo. He made it through two rounds of interviews before they gave him the job description. Apparently, the silverback gorilla had died during their annual “Great Apes” exhibition and they were desperate to keep the exhibit open. There was a newContinue reading “Great Apes”

The Mark of the Beast

It’s safe to say, as we slide into 2021, that we have a lot going on. As we talk about what’s happening around us, a conversation that I hear a lot revolves around the “end times” in reference to the book of Revelation in the Bible. It’s not difficult given the current goings on thatContinue reading “The Mark of the Beast”


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